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Since 1986, Cent-Roll Products has served manufacturing industries with custom rubber covered rollers and high performance molded urethane products. Our qualified staff, superior products, state-of-the-art equipment and relentless attention to detail distinguish us as an industry leader.  

What can we do for you?

Proudly serving these industries and more!

Flexible Packaging

Laminating Rolls, Nip Rolls, Feed Rolls and More!

Coil Processing

Coating Rolls, Squeegee Rolls, Bridle Rolls, Coil Pads and More!

Glass Manufacturing

Washer Rolls, Sponge Rolls, Nip Wheels and More!

Building Products

Embossing Rollers, Chop Rollers, Anvil Rolls and More!

Hygienic Products

Compounds Specially Formulated for High Abrasion and High Release!

Plastic Film

Transfer Rolls, Extruder Nips, Chill Rolls and More!

Graphic Arts

Offset and Flexographic Rolls!


Test Seals, Bulge Formers, Fixtures and More!

Water Treatment

Sludge Press Rollers with Superior Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance!

Paper Processing

Full Roller Support for the Paper Industry!

Food Services

Wide Range of FDA Grade Products to Meet Your Demands!

Industry Not Listed?

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Conveniently located just north of Cincinnati, Ohio. Positioned strategically to service the local, national and global market.

For immediate response, give us a call at 513.829.5201. Otherwise, fill out the form and one of our technical representatives will respond at their earliest convenience. 

Cent-Roll Products is committed to be among the best custom molding and roller companies in the world, providing our customers with unequaled and consistent quality, service, and on time delivery at a reasonable cost in a global market. We have made it our goal to continually update and improve our processes/products and are committed to satisfying all applicable requirements to meet or exceed our customer's expectations in all products and services we offer.

Patrick J. Findley, President