Since 1986, Cent-Roll Products has manufactured rubber coated rollers that serve a multitude of industries. Originating in Graphic Arts and Corrugated Paper, our expertise has expanded to metal Coil Coating, Film Making, Paper and Hygenic Product converting, Laminating, Glass Washing, Food Processing, Flexible Packaging, and other Large Manufacturing applications.

Our typical lathe capacity for industrial rollers is 27″ in diameter and 22′ long. In special cases, we manufacture larger rollers up toΒ 32″ in diameter and 66″ long.

Cent-Roll Products offers in-house specialty finish services for rollers, including:

  • Crowned Rolls
  • Flex Spreader Grooves
  • Straight (In-Out) Grooves
  • Diamond Cross-Hatch Grooves
  • Chevron-style Grooves
  • Teflon Shrink Coated Rolls

We work with nearly all rubber compounds ranging from the common materials, like Buna-N, Hypalon, and EPDM, to the specialty materials like Carboxylated Nitrile, Viton, and Ebonite.

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